eco-friendly aloe vera underwear by carrot banana peach

Eco-friendly underwear made from aloe vera fabric.
Light support bras, comfortable panties and thermal leggings for the cold season.
Aloe vera is hypo-allergenic, odour repelling and super soft on your skin.

Aloe Vera Bra
From £20.00 GBP - £33.00 GBP
Aloe Vera Sport Pants
£15.00 GBP
Aloe Vera T-Shirt
£25.00 GBP
Aloe Vera Tank Top
£25.00 GBP
Aloe Vera Biker Shorts
£20.00 GBP
Aloe Vera Long Sleeve T-Shirt
£30.00 GBP
Aloe Vera Leggings
£35.00 GBP

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