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In 1999 a British expat visited the rainforests of South East Asia and slurped on a banana milkshake and discovered that in order to protect the planet from itself, mankind will have to understand what they eat, wear and waste. By encouraging a more enjoyable, healthier and fitter lifestyle, human consumption can be sustained. Thus Carrot Banana Peach was born.

The 'Carrot' being a way to attract people, the 'Banana' was to ensure they were delivered with substance and innovation, the 'Peach' would offer prosperity and growth to all who indulged. 

In 2000 Carrot Banana Peach opened its second office in Singapore, a melting pot of rich cultures, food and people from India, Malaysia and China who traded goods, news, delicious food and above all else yoga, to local expatriates. 

Carrot Banana Peach soon discovered this ancient practice had been enjoyed for thousands of years by millions of people from the poorest and richest places on earth. Where better place to plant the eco-seed than within a network that reached out over 1.5 billion people that included the poorest, wealthiest and famous people on earth. 

We've never looked back since.


Born in the 90's it was a time of bold statements, globalisation and funky names, but ours had to also be driven by a mission that meant something for everyone, not just taste great as a drink!

Subsequently 3 symbols from key continents to represent a partnership were chosen. The first being native to our home continent, the 'Carrot' to remind us how beautiful our product has to be in order to lure and attract trade. The second being native to South East Asia, the 'Banana' a constant reminder for innovation, that one has to go beyond skin deep to find true substance. Finally the 'Peach', originally native to China, not just a mark for quality and mystery but infinite prosperity due to it's stone within, which represents re-birth, future growth and sustainability. If we can influence the worlds' biggest manufactures to act green, we could truly change the world.


The design is crafted like a henna tattoo, marking respect to India, home of yoga. It represents our commitment to sustainability and in seeking an eternal relationship with our planet.


Our legendary name and authentic yoga products have inspired many Masters, Yogis, Yoginis and Athletes to join us on and off the mat since the 90's. Besides the important eco-values, our products must offer performance and or natural benefits so as to ensure we and the users remain sports relevant.

We strive to provide the most comfortable, stylish and highest quality products that will support you through any stretch, bend, skip, jump or run!

Whether you are performing in the studio, outdoors or on retreat, our extensive line of natural based performance clothes, cover multiple uses and go beyond the mat to empower your lifestyle.

So take a deep breath and enjoy our ecocentric style!


As a UK company with a strategic office in South East Asia, we have been able to explore some of the most unusual natural and sustainable raw materials.

Through strategic partnerships, we have been able to blend these materials together into usable and renewable products, retaining the health benefits these raw materials naturally provide. Subsequently we have become one of the worlds leading companies in eco-friendly, sustainable products, out of sheer passion and commitment to change the way the world views health, happiness and the state of our planet.

We first made a commitment to only use natural based materials, that has evolved into natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products without loosing our reputation for developing the highest quality products.

We have been on the sustainable look out for over a decade, trying to lead the way in eco-friendly or sustainable products, that can provide sport relevant, high quality and gorgous looking products.


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