Milk Octaband

£17.50 GBP

SB00815-Strawberry Camouflage-One Size
Strawberry Camouflage
Cherry Camouflage
Pineapple Print

This unique product has 8 ways to style and protect your head, face and neck from UV rays and dust, hence the name OCTABAND. Originally developed exclusively for the Middle East to protect customers from the heat, sand storms and for coping with the general dusty and sunny way of living in the desert. The product is made from natural fibres into a densely knitted, lightweight and breathable fabric - so when worn as a maskette, it forms a natural barricade against breathing in dust particles, whilst also offering anti-bacterial properties to fight against germs that form on the fabric. The skin lovin' milk fabric provides hypoallergenic properties making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

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