Covid-19 Prevention policies - Carrot Banana Peach

We have taken on additional measures within the business to protect employees and safe guard customers. These additional steps will effect the speed of our deliveries and handling of exchanges and returns. 

All shops will remain closed until instructed to open under government guidelines. 

Customer service is currently operating remotely through email, all enquiries maybe directed to we will try to ensure responses are made within 48 hours. 

We are operating our online business through our warehouse, these staff are instructed to follow theses policies:

1. All staff are required to wear masks and gloves to pick and pack products.

2. They are to keep a safe distance (2m) from each other. 

3. There is to be no social gatherings at work. 

4. All exchanges and returns are to be placed into a 48 hour quarantine period before being handled in room temperature environment. 

5. All surfaces are sprayed and cleaned at the end of each day. 

For further information or suggestions on additional processes please do email us at

Stay safe.  

Carrot Banana Peach