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Yoga is all about 'uniting' the body, that's why at Dru Yoga, they not only teach you to practice your Prana's and Asana's but to make it part of a wider general wellness program.

As part of our 'Who are you?' campaign we asked Dru Yoga to come up with some basic tips and advise to try and help you find focus.



1 .Yoga

Get extra energy:

Try the Sun Salutation is really good to start your day and get going. You can also enjoy this Inner Fire Sequence.


Calm down and relax:

Get into the sphinx pose which will help soothes your nervous system, and relieve you from daily fatigue.


Clear your mind:

Alternate nostril breathing is recognised as a master breath technique for this.


TIP: If you really want to go deeper and awaken the power of compassion, learn to meditate or you can try this Energy Block Release Sequence called Awakening the Heart.


2. Health and Happiness

Take time to relax as this can quickly calm mind and emotions and boost the immune system. It is the perfect tonic to encourage the natural self healing mechanism in the body

  • Take time to be in nature. She has the most miraculous ability to help let go of worry and anxiety.

  • Hydrate – water is like liquid gold! It nourishes the body and transports nutrients to where they need to go to keep you energised.

  • Have a go at setting some goals and plans for the next few months. Take time out of our busy life and look above it. It is like getting into a helicopter and looking across the main areas of your life and check that they are going where you want. These can include health, finances, relationships, work, spirituality, holidays. It can be a freeing experience.

  • Try something new – Ayurveda is a great subject and a perfect sister science to yoga as it looks at your personal constitution. It is definitely up and coming and provides so many tried and tested health programmes that are natural and un invasive.

  • Look ahead and build in some time this year to go away on a yoga retreat and treat yourself to some 'me' time.


3. Nutrition

Remember the importance of essential fats in your diet, as they will keep the mind bright and focused whilst improving memory and concentration.

  • Get your diet right – don't diet!! Rather include a balance of greens, grains, a healthy protein. Definitely try a vegetarian meal at least once a week if you are not already that way inclined as it is a lighter and easier to digest. It is also a great way to start managing weight!

  • It is useful to supplement ones' diet with vitamins and minerals to boost immunity and keep colds and infection at bay. A good quality vitamin C can make all the difference.

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