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How can you know who you are and what you like if you've only experienced one thing?

It’s been said that traveling is the only thing you buy, which makes you richer. So open up your mind, inspire yourself beyond imagination to discover more about what makes you tick.

Be it long or short, just stepping away from your surroundings is enough to draw comparison between two world's.



1. Use flight comparison sites to save money on flights: skyscanner , edreams and govoyages

2. Buy additional piece of luggage online as it can be up twice the price at the airport.

3. Weigh your luggage before the trip or you will get charged for each kg over the limit.

4. Book a room through Airbnb or choose a hostel instead of a hotel hostelworld

5. Use public transportation instead of using a taxi or renting a car, you'll discover more about the local culture at the same time.



1. Do not forget your Passport or Visa if you don’t want to spend your holidays home.

Tip: cut the queues with the new epassport (electronic passport)

2. Bring some maps or an international GPS so you can visit and explore different places.

3. A Conversation Guide will help you appreciate better the culture and make your trip much richer.

4. Toilettery: You can bring liquids with you but each item needs to be maximum 100mL and packed in a standard size plastic bag.

Tip: most of the airports provide those zipped bag, but you can purchase one if needed

5. Bring a camera and don’t forget to pack its charger cable or additional batteries so you can capture the best moments and make those memories last forever.


When to go?

Morocco has been a very popular destination lately, especially between November and March, when the weather is quite pleasant, but still a bit chilly in the North.

If you want to avoid the touristic season in order to relax and really immerse yourself in the culture of the country, we recommend that you go between May and September. During that period, you will be able to save money on accommodation.

April to October are months to avoid due to frequent sandstorms and persistant rain.


Yoga Retreats in Morocco:

Imagine yourself, sipping a smoothie, lying on a long chair under the sun. Are you dreaming already?

Morocco is the perfect destination whether you want to just relax,

No matter what your budget is or how long you want to be away for, find the perfect trip for you: bookyogaretreats

So just pick the dates, pack your luggage and go!

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